About Himal Academy

Himal Academy the residential school was established in the heard of Dang district of Rapti zone Nepal in 2061B.S. It is situated in Tulsipur Municipality Ward no. 6 Tulsipur Dang. It is an educational community where students and staff of various community and backgrounds live, study and work together in congenial atmosphere.

It was founded in 2061 by founder Principal, Madhu Sudhan K.C. President Binaya Kunar Misra, Vice Principal Mukesh Kumar and along with other founder Member of the institution. It is a co-educational institution and caters to the educational needs of boys and girls from Class Nursery to Class 10.

It had run Primary levels in 2061B.S. Lower Secondary in2062 and Secondary Level since 2064B.S. It accomplished the first S.L.C. batch in2065 with 100% successful result and has appearing 2nd batch in 2066 with 38 students. It has got the most popularity among the middle class people due to its services and low fee structure.

Himal Academy started in2061 in a tenement house with only 300 student and about one dozen teachers. Today, during five years, however, it’s taken a place with a phenomenal growth. It is one of the largest schools in the biggest valley of Dang with over 1500 students and fifty eight efficient staff.

The aim to provide all round education in which children are prepared to face any crisis in life with moral dignity and to become useful and loyal citizens of the country. So is has focused more in the extracurricular activities like music, dance, athletics and games. Its special characteristic is the wide range of activities that it provides with the idea of developing full personality and to bring out the talents of the students or their own benefit and that of society as a hole. At Himal Academy, every student has the opportunity to participate in each activity. That’s not something every school can provide here in Rapti.